"Virtuoso piano styling is a lost art these days of inexpensive samplers and grade- school Electronica. Praise hail MJB for Mark Birnbaum, a New York City ivory-tickler with notable degrees of panache and finesse. Many of you are already familiar with Mr. Birnbaum's talents from his work as the staff pianist on Joe Franklin's long- running television show. Now he softly slips onto your stereo with "This Is Entertainment," a tasty offering of lovely and proficient renditions from the repertoires of Scott Joplin, Jelly Roll Morton and J.S. Bach. Birnbaum is to the Steinway what Yankee Stadium icon Eddie Layton is to the Hammond organ - and he's a Mephistophelian lounge lothario deserving of your easy listening. In Hip Hop parlance: 'yo, he's got mad skillz!'

Seconds Magazine: "The Art of The Interview: Mark Birnbaum" (1998)

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