fugue and discuss it without a performance. In jazz, it's the performance, the recording that counts. Technically, yes we could point to an Ellington score, but it isn't the same. We need the recording (or a live performance). Of course this suggests many versions of a single piece, but that's jazz. Improvising-the idea of a "break" - A soloist improvises on a theme for several bars. Or variation of a melody the 2nd or 3rd time it's played, embellishing it, playing slightly before (or after) the beat.

In New Orleans, pianist Jelly Roll Morton (1885?-1941) trumpet king Louis Armstrong (1901-1971) and countless others played jazz until the early 1920's when the legendary "Storyville" district closed. This was a 2 square mile red light district that operated 24-7. A haven for jazz! Afterwards, New Orleans jazz musicians went to Chicago where many great

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